Thanksgiving Break Playlist

Wow, what a release it is to be writing on here. I get this yoga-type feeling as strange as that sounds. Life during my senior year has been crazy. I’ve gained some new relationships with people I can truly see staying in my life for awhile. Some failed relationships that have taught me how to love myself on my own, without depending on someone else’s love to treat myself right. I’ve been hit with this guard called anxiety again, lately worse. But I think these past three months I have gained a whole new perspective on self worth, how to cope and what it means to have true friends.

School has kept me away from logging on to YourDailyTea for awhile. But, I finally decided to put all my stressors aside and breathe for a second. So I made you all a playlist of songs I’ve been heavily listening to. They kinda are just songs that have expressed my life these past three months, I hope you all enjoy.

P.S. I had to add a lot of Mac in this playlist