Going Vegan

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be back writing and sharing with all of you! I always have so many ideas for blogs and I write them down whenever they come to me, but during the summer it becomes really difficult for me to fulfill my ideas because I never can find the time. The idea does sound strange that I can't ever find time during break when I can find all the time during school. But, this is true! When i'm not at school I try to stay as active as I can, I try to stay off my phone and computer. I try to just live my best life as much as I can, being surrounded by nature, music, family, friends; people and things I love the most. I do whatever I can't do at school because isn't that what a break is all about? That being said, thank you to all my readers for sticking by me during the past months that I have been MIA. I love you and this is for you xo.


So for those who are interested in living a plant-based lifestyle, I am here to tell you how and why I went vegan. Plus, I will share a couple tips on how to stay vegan. There are a lot of reasons for why I went vegan and no it is not because I wanted to lose weight. Yes, if you go vegan you can lose weight and it is not because you don't eat. But I will get into all of that more in a second.

Out of all the many reasons why, the two main reasons I switched to veganism are 1) I wanted to be more energized and happy 2) I became more in touch with my surroundings. I never really noticed why I was overly tired, sluggish, and unhappy until I went vegan/researched it. Yes, I have only been  fully vegan for 4 days now (yes, you can laugh because I laughed at myself too when I read that) BUT, in my defense, I have been on and off vegan for awhile so I have experienced the differences in my moods and energy before. Also before I went vegan, I knew about how horrible the meat and dairy industries were (I tried really hard not to think about it) but never knew what it was doing to our environment until I researched more on veganism. 

One of my first blogs on here was about my battle with depression and anxiety issues throughout my entire life. I hate taking medications, even when I'm nauseous or have a headache. I'm just not a pill kind of gal. So when I started realizing the changes in my moods after I cut out animal sourced foods, I became overjoyed. But I never knew why until I did some trial/error and did my homework. I was feeling better and the fact behind this is simple; fatty acids (arachidonic acid or AA). Fatty acids are higher in meat and fish diets. Most of the meat us Americans contain in our diets have very high AA levels. It has been proven that higher levels of AA can cause mood-disturbing brain changes. Also, animal foods are hard for humans to digest and they cause our digestive systems to become very overwhelmed. This made me feel like it was sucking all of the energy out of me and I didn't even realize that it was because of what I was eating. Becoming a plant-based eater was a great way to restore my energy, be productive and maintain a good sleeping schedule. I have been enjoying 14 hour days with no crash or burn for the past 4 days. That is just crazy amazing to me considering in the past I would sleep non stop or always felt burnt out no matter how much sleep I got. 

I have always loved nature and my surroundings. Not to mention if you don't already know, I am a HUGE animal lover. But during the past couple months I have felt like such a hypocrite and it just felt wrong to me. How could I post about how much I love the earth, nature, COWS, but be putting all of those things in harms way? Cows are my favorite animal hands down. But how could I sit there and cry when seeing one playing in a field and call it my favorite animal when I'm staring at it on my plate? I couldn't do it anymore. I'm not going to sit here and write paragraphs about how f***ed up the dairy and meat industries are. We all know it. Not only for the animals but for the planet we call home. We see, read, and hear about the climate changes yet overlook the most important contributor: our food. I think many people are becoming more educated on this, me being one, and realizing that at least we can help climate change and rescue innocent lives by changing our diets. This was a big factor into why I really wanted to become vegan. I wanted to make a difference in not only my own life by everyone else who lives on this planet and for the animals that I adore. 

No, I didn't want to become a vegan because I wanted to lose a lot of weight. When you become vegan you will lose weight, but that comes with any diet that you cut out bad things. You can lose a good amount of weight from cutting out dairy and meat products because of how bad they are for your body. These products contain large amounts of saturated fats and cholesterol and can cause obesity. Where as having a plant based diet promotes healthy weight loss and helps maintain a healthy weight. Meat, fish, and dairy products clog your body and cause unnecessary weight gain. Studies show that vegans have better BMI's then others. So, if you're looking for a way to adopt a healthier lifestyle, research the benefits on veganism!

As for how I went vegan, it was really simple and easy for me. I switched to veganism from being an egg eating, chicken eater in 24 hours. I am not saying everyone is going to be able to do this but, I was able to do that because I wanted to and because I did my homework. When you want to do something, it becomes very easy to do. I think that is a lot of the reason why people have such a hard time staying vegan. Ultimately, it comes down to you and what you want. You're not going to be able to stay vegan if you're dreaming about chicken or thinking that one more milkshake isn't going to hurt you. I knew I wanted this lifestyle and I have been sticking with it. There are so many foods and desserts and substitutes for things I used to love. You don't have to give up everything. We are at a point in time where we have almond and soy products and substitutes in mostly every grocery store, super market, or hypermarket. It is not hard, you just have want to make the change. You also have to know your research. Because I have gone vegan many times in the past, it was easier for me because I already had a lot of knowledge on it. But it is like riding a bike on two wheels, you have to learn first. If you're thinking about going vegan, educate yourself on it. 

I found some tips on how to stay vegan that have been really helpful to me when it comes to maintaining this lifestyle. Know that it is okay to slip up. In the past when I've tried to go vegan, I have had accidentally or really wanted to eat something off limits. Mostly eggs or chocolate or something containing cheese. But I thought it was the end of the world, I thought that at that point I had to give up and say "f**k it its over now, I'm just going to eat whatever I want to now and give up because I've already messed up". That was the worst mistake I have made. Do not be me. You're not going to die from eating these products if you slip up.

Try to cut out one of food groups at a time. Growing up, I was never obsessed with cheese, I never drank a glass of milk just because, I could go without eating yogurt, and a burger was never something I craved. Luckily, I was blessed. But, majority of people really do love meat and dairy products. I always suggest to anyone who wants to make the switch to start by cutting out of those food groups out for awhile to get used to it. Some people like doing a cannon ball into a freezing pool. But most people like to dip there feet in first and that is perfectly fine. Cutting out all the things you love and are used to can seem really diffcult though it isn't. This leads to people becoming frustrated because they do not know what to eat or what they like. That has happened to be in the past and one of the biggest reasons I have been an inconsistent vegan over the past years. Train your body, you don't have to go cold turkey unless you want to. 


Thats all for now! 

xo, T.