Why you should say goodbye to your social

Last week while my mom came to visit me at school I decided that I needed a break from something that I felt too attached to-social media. As I was laying in bed watching a movie it dawned on me that social media consumed my life more than I thought it did, so why not delete it?

Now I wasn't going to go crazy and delete the actual social media pages I had because it is such a big part of today's society. But, I thought why not just remove the apps from my phone for a week and actually live my life.

I have to say it was not easy and if i am going to be completely honest with all of you I did not make it a full week. But the five days that I was able to detach myself from something that consumed my every day life felt so liberating. 

The first full day without my social media was very weird. I found myself unlocking my phone A LOT, searching for things I really didn't need. Every pretty meal I made, every song I was feeling in that moment, every funny moment with my friends, I wanted to snapchat. More specifically, I tried to snapchat something over 70 times in one day and I know this because I documented every single time I tried to snapshot my life. Now this might sound like a lot but do you consciously know how many times you're really using your social media? 

The next two days it became a little easier to let go, to detach myself from the online world and really live each day without documenting my every move but it was still difficult. I found myself downloading random games on my phone and going on apps that I hardly would use just to still have the sensation of being on my phone.

On the fourth day as I was in my classes I would look around to see my peers scrolling through their twitter feeds and instagrams like robots, not paying attention to what we really had learn for the day. When I was with friends they would sit and talk about funny tweets they saw that day, see what people were voting for on their polls,  and ask If everyone liked their new picture they posted twenty minutes ago

By the last day I was able to leave my phone in my house for the whole day. No one was able to contact me via phone, only through personal interactions. It felt amazing to just not care about who was doing what, how many likes I got on my last instagram pictures, who looked at my snapchat story or if I was being tracked by the snapchat maps. I felt so free and observant to everything and everyone around me, something that I never felt or done otherwise.

After evaluating the past days without my social's I felt for first time in a long time that I did not need my phone or social media to survive. It is scary to think that I really did think that I needed social media every day in order to get through the day. This made me think, do people really care about what I'm doing? Or do I care more about showing people what I'm doing. I thought I needed the gratification and attention from other people in order to feel good about myself and get through the day.

Sometimes you become so wrapped up in the little things like social media that you become stuck and feel lost without them, when in reality your life isn't going to drastically change if they are gone. Your friends are still going to be there, your family is still going to be there. Social media is just a mask that really hides who you actually are. 

People become so used to showing so much of their life that they forget what life is really about. They forget that your twitter count, instagram likes and snapchat views mean nothing. You're showing people a persona that you want them to see, it doesn't really show who you really are as a person. You aren't going to die if Jason from your favorite frat didn't snapchat you back.

What I am really trying to get out of this whole blog post is stop living for people and start living for yourself. Go turn off your phone for the day, delete your social media apps, do other things besides living through electronics. It doesn't have to be for a week or five days, it could be just one. But say goodbye to your social media. Trust me, it feels really good knowing you did something and not everyone else knowing about it. 

until next time