Hello! I'd like to welcome you to The Tea. My name is Te'a, born and raised Jersey gal. I am currently a junior at university & studying journalism and fashion. I have many interests and hobbies. Although you all probably think this sounds like a sales pitch on my life, I wanted to share these things with you. My passion is creating, anything.

 I am currently getting into photography which I will be sharing with all of you. As I travel, I love to capture pure, raw, and unique moments I see. Most of the time these moments are captured with my friends as we travel around New York City or finding new places to relax or eat. 

I also have a love for music. I love anything from old school R&B to Indie Rock. I am a singer, although I am shy and don't really share that part of my life with others. I hope to be able to do that with you all. One of my main focuses on this blog will be my love for music and sharing music that inspires me with all of you. 

I am also into athletics. Currently I am focusing on running but I'm hoping to get into more things like pilates or cycling. I have suffered in my short life on body image issues and not being comfortable in my own skin so working out and staying in shape has really helped me focus on my own body's needs and not how everyone else is looking. During my sophomore year of college I also became very involved in learning about women's issues globally.

Writing has always been my favorite kind of escape for me. I am not really the best at expressing my feeling out loud, so for me writing is my safe place where I do not feel judged. I hope this place can be your safe place as well, where you can ask for advice, read about women's issues, learn, and be inspired. 


          xx with love